Proud to be a brand developed by, My Adventures launched in tourism market and is positioned as an operator specializing in providing “travel plans” for travellers who try doing activities for the first time to mountains, primary forests, cave exploration, rivers and seas experiences. My Adventures Trips are widely run throughout Vietnam , specifically designed for fitness and activity for groups that are families, couples and friends. With the motto “Travellers deserve the best!”, My Adventures is committed to bring you heart-to-heart experiences.


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Touch the top of Peak- Fansipan

With the surprise of stunning at the highest peak, in that white translucent cloud, you will see the outstanding red color of the national flag fluttering in the wind towards the country despite the cold of the clouds. Taking this image into view, everyone will bring up a certain emotion hidden deep in their mind. Standing on the top of peak and watching out to every conners of the place where surrounded by only clouds, fog, cold winds and mountains, but so majestic you experienced

Tran Doan Tuan

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Conquer Phia Po Peak

Phia Po trip really made me and my team an unforgettable memory . Conquering this trip, we have achieved the value of the northern peaks such as burning grass hill, dinosaur spine, Do Quyen forest and peak glory.

Minh Ngọc

Top Review

Samu changed my life

Thanks My Adventure for the detailed plan,and thank for taking care of my group from the smallest things for the team (when I saw you preparing the needle and thread to sew the hat, I almost fainted). My Adventure is always attentive and considerate to the whole team, especially taking me ( the oldest one) over difficult trails when going down the mountain. Special thanks to Sunny for helping me and show me how to get down the mountain with my butt safely.I know that covid will make the tourism industry difficult, but I believe that with such enthusiastic and dedicated work, My Adventure will definitely come back soon and benefit than before. Wish you great success in the new year and have many tours for everyone to have as great experiences as the last one. I also hope to have more tours like this so that people can appreciate nature and the environment more and when they fall in love, everyone will have a sense of keeping together for everyone to enjoy!

Kim Liên

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An Unforgetable trip- Lao Than with My Adventure

I would like to say special thanks to Nam Phong and his team who handled the first hard trip in my life. For the first time when climbing the North mountain, I feel the top notch service mindset instilled in each person who helps organize the tour for us, where the safety and quality of the customer's experience comes first. with all kind and sincere concern. Thanks to that, we had a trip full of joy and still have fun until now ❤️ In addition, I think the tour price is really good compared to the quality, I don't know if #VNTravel is selling the "offer" price, maybe ask Kata Tran. If so, then you should take advantage, but tomorrow the quality is like this, but the price of the tour does not increase, it will be a bit of a waste. As for me, I'm determined from now on to beat MyAdventure, I want to climb any mountain, go to any palace, I will go there to ask for an organization that makes me happy like Lao Than or happier 🙂

Thắm Văn

Vietnam-Top Nature Destination

Vietnam has many wild natural landscapes, long coastlines, high mountain peaks hidden among the clouds, ... Every year, Vietnam welcomes millions of international tourists and is a safe destination. safe and attractive with friends near and far. With beautiful nature, rich cuisine and a long-standing culture, diverse ethnic groups, Vietnam is truly a great choice to explore and relax for the whole family and group of friends.

Why My Adventure

For 25 years of travel experience, My Adventure’s team always explores and creates unique trips to give visitors an unforgettable experience. Each trip has its own interesting point, suitable for each unique taste of visitors.
Visitors will be immersed in all of our experiences and consider them as a memorable part of a meaningful life through conquering the top of the mountain, hiking through the forest or camping in the beautiful areas. wild forest.
The difference of My Adventure in the trips back to the mountains is to help travellers feel and learn the natural way of life, find a balance after busy years in the busy cities.
My adventures is also always the top concern about safety and joins hands to preserve and preserve the green, clean and beautiful environment on the experiences of travellers.

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The Life's Journey

Journey of Discovering Vietnam, Land and People


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    Back to Nature

    Man and nature are two independent individuals but closely linked with each other. Each of us carries the desire to conquer nature, which is also the journey of conquering ourselves. On the journey back to the forest, people seem to return to peace, return to themselves, forget about daily fatigue.

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